This site is published by United States Apostille to help Individuals and Businesses obtain an apostille from the U.S. for use in Spain.
An apostille for use in Spain can be issued from any one of the 50 States or territories, and from the US Department of State in Washington DC.

You do not need to pay for a courier to obtain an apostille. You can do it by yourself.

In the boxes to the right, each state is listed. When you click on that box, you will be lead through the proper steps to legally acquire an apostille without a courier service. Each state has different fees, processing time and requirements, so be sure you use the state from which the document is issued, not the state where you are located.

For documents issued by the federal government, click on the federal button.

Each state button will display the information that is needed to have your document properly apostilled.
You may see a required form to be completed along with any additional information not listed on the form, the State's customer service number, the official fee, address and the expected turnaround time.

In which state was your document issued ?


Choose federal document
if your document was issued by a federal agency.